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Individual Writing Offices

This is a wonderful idea that I saw from the kindergarten teachers at my school. The individual writing offices serve as dividers between students to give children more privacy as they are working. They also serve as a reference for important information such as the alphabet, sight words, numbers, etc.

Here are pictures of Mrs. Allen's offices:

Individual Writing Office

This is the inside of the office. On the left is a handwriting chart, in the middle is an alphabet sound chart, and on the right is a writing rubric.

Individual Writing Offices

This is a photo of the outside of the office when it is flattened. On the outside "walls" of the office are a list of color words, numbers, number words, and sight words.

When I saw these writing offices at my school, I thought they were a fabulous idea! I went out and bought supplies to make my own. Here are some things I found at the teacher store to start my offices.

Individual Writing Offices

I found these file folders with a neat checkered pattern. They were a bit on the expensive side - but SO cute. :o) I bought the kid stickers to decorate the offices. I am going to use the two handprint stickers on each office to designate right and left.


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