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Modeled and Shared Reading

What is Modeled and Shared Reading?

Modeled and Shared Reading are exactly what they sound like. :o) They are methods used by most primary grade teachers to model and share reading strategies with a group of students. A typical modeled or shared reading lesson usually includes the use of a predictable big book over the course of 3-5 days. Each day the book is in use, several different skills are being taught and modeled. Below, you will find a list of suggestions for usinga predictable big book over the course of several days.

Introducing the Book
  • Read the title, author, and illustrator. Discuss the roles of each.
  • Make predictions about the story.
  • Take a picture walk. Look through the story focusing only on the pictures, asking students what they see or what they think is happening.
During Reading
  • If reading the book for the first time, read straight through without stopping.
  • If reading for the second or more time, the children may read along with you.
After Reading
  • After reading the book a couple of times, work on comprehension skills. Ask the children questions, such as:
    • Who are the main characters?
    • What is the setting?
    • When does this story take place?
    • Is this story fact or fiction?
  • Ask higher order thinking questions, such as:
    • What would you have done?
    • How could this story have turned out different?
    • Why do you think ____ happened?
Future Reads
  • Work on specific skills, such as:
    • rhyming words
    • beginning sounds of words
    • ending sounds of words
    • cloze technique (cover words and children guess)
  • Read the book together (echo read or choral read)
  • Place the book in a center for future reads.

Shared Reading Activities

Shared Reading Dictionary

Prepare and bind a large book with any kind of paper and label it with a title such as "Book of Important Words" or "Our Class Dictionary", etc. As you read through books together as a class, write down any confusing words in the dictionary and discuss their definitions. Write the definitions in the book also. Allow students to read through the book in their free time.

Shared Reading Graphic Organizers

Use graphic organizers as part of your shared/modeled reading activities. Copy these organizers onto an overhead transparency, copy onto a posterboard, or have your students each fill one out independently or as a group. These graphic organizers are from Scholastic.com and are in .pdf format.

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