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Guided and Independent Reading

What is Guided and Independent Reading?

Guided Reading is when the teacher provides support for small, flexible groups of beginning readers. During these groups, the teacher helps students use reading strategies as they read a book that is unfamiliar to them.

A guided reading lesson might look like this:

Before reading:

Set a purpose for reading, take a picture walk, make predictions, discuss important vocabulary and reading strategies

During reading:

Guide students as they read. Encourage students to use strategies. Provide prompts and clues.

After reading:

Strengthen comprehension through activities and provide praise.

Independent Reading is when a child practices reading a book independently. This usually occurs after a guided reading lesson or after a child has had enough exposure to the book. Independent reading can occur with just the student or with students sharing in pairs.

Guided Reading Activities

Thumbs Up!

During a guided reading session, choose a few important vocabulary or sight words in the story. Ask the students to put their thumb up when they hear a certain word. This will keep the students focused and on task while another student is reading.

Reader's Hat

Use a large piece of felt to make a special reader's hat for guided reading. Form the felt into a cone/circular shape and hot glue it into the right shape. Add a pom pom ball to the top of the hat and decorate with puff paints. The children can take turns reading the hat during guided reading.

Reader's Microphone

I picked up a fake microphone after a Halloween clearance sale at Target for less than a dollar. It was a plastic piece of pipe with a styrofoam ball at the top covered in silver glitter. It is very easy to make one of these. You just need a black tube (paper towel, toilet paper, plastic pvc, etc.), a styrofoam ball, and some hot glue. I let the kids use the microphone when they are reading or sharing with the class.

Magic Wand Pointers

At the beginning of the year, make "magic reading wands" with your students. I give each child a popsicle stick, which they dip in glue and then into glitter of their choice. They keep these in their pencil boxes and take them out when it's time for them to read.

Highlighter Frames

Use some leftover plastic file folders to make frames and highlighters for reading. You will need the plastic folders or sheets that are see through and colored. You can find them at any office supply store or store that sells school supplies. Just cut them apart and allow the children to use them for keeping their place during reading.

Printable Forms and Resources

All of the forms and resources available below are in .pdf format.

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