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Environmental Print and Labels

Environmental print is a great tool for teaching phonics and reading. Many children do not get direct literacy exposure in their homes, but most children recognize labels and logos from their favorite products, even if they cannot read. Using environmental print accesses your students prior knowledge and is a fun way to improve word knowledge.

Another way to expose your children to more words throughout the day is to add labels to items in your classroom. Use signs or labels to name things in your room such as: computers, desks, bathroom, sink, bookcase, etc.

Here are some activities and resources for using environmental print in your classroom:

Environmental Print Names

At the beginning of the year, ask your students to bring in a package from a product that they like to eat and also starts with the first letter in their name (for example: Nathan might bring in a label from a bag of Nachos or a box of Nilla Wafers). Take photos of each child in your classroom and glue them to paper with the text from the package. Write a sentence with each child that contains the child's name, the word "likes", and the name of their food. For example, Bobby's picture might be with a Butterfinger wrapper and his sentence would read "Bobby likes Butterfingers.".

Environmental Print Word Wall

Make a word wall of environmental print labels. Categorize each label by its beginning letter.

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