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About Mrs. Nelson

About Me

My name is Kimberly Nelson and I am a kindergarten teacher in Sarasota County, Florida. I am finishing my eighth year of teaching this year with my school's Teacher of the Year Award for 2009-2010, a proud honor.

My Philosophy

Because I am currently a kindergarten teacher and have been for a several years, my philosophy is centered around the needs of a kindergarten student. I strive to make my classroom developmentally appropriate and centered around the needs of each individual child. In my classroom you will find these characteristics built around my philosophy:

  • Community of Learners: My classroom is a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment for all of my students. Students will gain independence and self awareness, as well as the ability to function as a member of a group.
  • Positive Classroom Management: Children in my classroom will be expected to follow classroom rules and conduct themselves in a manner that is safe and respectful. Good behavior and manners will be positively recognized throughout the school day.
  • Balanced Literacy Program: Children in my classroom will participate in a variety of activities exposing them to the meaning and excitement of language. Students will participate in whole group as well as differentiated literacy instruction including the use of literacy stations, modeled and shared skills, and independent practice.
  • Hands On Math Instruction: Students' math knowledge will be supported through the use of a wide variety of materials and meaningful experiences.
  • Thematic Studies: Science and Social Studies will be integrated into every part of the curriculum to maintain high interest topics for in depth study. Opportunities for art, music, dance and other forms of expression will also be included.
  • Brain Based Learning Activities: Children in my classroom will participate in activities that are appropriate to their stage of brain development. Neurological movement, including Brain Gym and Yoga, are used throughout the day to stimulate an environment of alert relaxation and peace.